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Charging its Tesla in off-peak hours can be confusing, and it shouldn't be.
We've got you covered!

ChargeMyTesla is a simple solution that lets you take advantage of off-peak hours for charging your Tesla. ChargeMyTesla allows you to set the time window you want (time to begin charging, and time to end) in a clear and understandable way.

Just tell ChargeMyTesla when your off-peak hours are, and ChargeMyTesla will do the work for you.

Oh yeah, and "it's free and always will be" ;-)


Any functional email will do, no need to enter your Tesla's owner email

Email verification

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Generate your own tokens

This app, along with all other 3rd-party Tesla services and applications are powered by the same APIs that Tesla's official mobile app uses.
To access data or command your vehicle(s), this app uses Tokens.

Please use recommended apps to generate your "Refresh Token":

Once authenticated, copy the given "Refresh Token" below.